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Types of Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are great to use and can be extremely helpful in giving you the hourglass shape you desire when coupled with a healthy diet and work out routine.  Each trainer is specifically designed to match your current fitness habits and enhance your journey towards reaching all your fitness goals.  It's important to understand your personal activity levels and long-term ambitions to make sure you get the most out of the waist trainer you choose.

The Day Trainer:

Designed with a comfortable elastic fit and feel.  This trainer will stretch to move and contour with your body for daily wear.  Specifically made as a safe yet firm solution to constrain your waist and help you reach your goals.

Latex Trainers:  

These allow minimal bending and movement compared to Day Trainers.  Latex Trainers are much stronger, thicker and sturdier than the Day Trainers and are better for use in cardio workouts and fitness routines.  

The Workout Trainer:

 Built with three layers of construction, these trainers are specifically designed to give you the comfort of a Day Trainer and the restraint of a Latex Trainer all at once.  Made with a soft cotton layer to absorb perspiration and a stronger latex layer for compression.


Finding the right waist trainer can be very simple and just depends on your lifestyle and the goals your looking to achieve.  All of these would work great! - Day Trainers can be worn for longer periods of time, Latex Trainers will make you work harder and Workout Trainers will encourage perspiration.

For more details on how to size and care for your waist trainer use our size guide or email us at support@getfitnlean.zendesk.com with any questions you may have.