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Waterproof Smartphone Case

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A must-have for the summer months or when you're on vacation, this waterproof smartphone case  allows you to take your phone anywhere, even underwater. Don't miss out on fun photos or worry about your phone getting damaged from water or sand. Simply store your phone in this case and bring it to the beach or pool.


  • A 3 ft long neck strap offering a great way to keep your phone close to you while you are in the water
  • Touchscreen and camera capabilities while in the case
  • Tight seal providing full protection from water and debris
  • 100 feet underwater (30 meters) - the highest certification in the category of water resistance
  • Includes Sealed Switch
  • Lock closure design to block the entry of water
  • Applicable phone models: iPhone 6/6 plus/5/5S ,Samsung galaxy s4/s5/s6
  • Material: Made of high quality transparent plastic

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